Strategic Objectives

The CABRI-Volga project is implemented along the following four strategic objectives:

  • To mobilise human and institutional resources in large river basins in Russia/ NIS and the EU by setting up interdisciplinary, international expert groups so as to increase the research potential on environmental risk management and link Europe's research more strongly to the international level;

  • To strengthen links between scientific communities and policy-making processes by establishing a dialogue on mutual demands and practical needs, and through providing policy guidance and knowledge transfer;

  • To follow an integrated approach for assessing and remediating human-induced environmental risks in the Volga basin, emphasising institutional cooperation, for a wide range of themes (including water management, sustainable use of resources, mobility, and cultural and social issues);

  • To develop a long-term perspective for scientific cooperation and experience exchange on integrated environmental risk management in large river basins, develop policy initiatives and contribute to major EU and international policy goals (e.g. EU Water Initiative, "Environment for Europe" process, the EU's policy towards Russia, the Millennium Development Goals), and foster durable cooperation structures for raising stakeholder awareness to equality and democratic principles; thus contributing to the promotion of environmental and human security in Russia and in Europe as a whole.

Strategic objectives:

Mobilise human and institutional resources

Strengthen links between science and policy

Follow integrated risk assessment and remediation

Develop scientific cooperation and experience exchange