Second Technical Advisory Group meeting for GEMS/Water Programme

UNEP convened the second meeting of its Technical Advisory Group for GEMS/Water Programme from 2 to 4 May 2005. The meeting was hosted by IAEA in Vienna, and brought together technical and scientific experts from United Nations bodies and other partners committed to environmental water quality and sustainability. Deputy Secretary General Dr. Burkhart of IAEA opened the sessions. Discussions led to the accomplishment of three central objectives:

1. Agreement and support for the direction and core activities articulated in the programme of work; that the approach is sound, from a scientific and technical perspective.

2. Ideas and new projects to develop alone or in partnership with other organizations – especially new technologies and database sources.

3. Commitment to promote GEMS/Water through networks and partners. Highlights include GEMS/Water’s role in reaching the World Summit targets by focusing on water quality; improving data integrity; increasing global data coverage; and building regional and local capacity. Details and plans for fulfilling these aims are being compiled in the Technical Advisory Paper No.2: Goals and targets for global water quality assessment, as the main product of the meeting. Participants enjoyed the opportunity to tour IAEA laboratories. IAEA should be commended for its active cooperation. The third advisory meeting is scheduled for autumn 2006. Visit for more information.

Visit for more information.