Expert group 4: Connecting Goods and People

The expert group will focus on the interrelations between large river basins and the transport of goods and people, i.e. on the role of a river as an infrastructure, separating barrier, origin and destination of trips and as an ecological system. These includes the different interests that stakeholders may have in the development of a river basin, deriving partly from conflicting claims and requirements, for instance, land use, infrastructures, economic development, tourism. It will also considerer various procedures and instruments available for balancing those relations, such as consultation, incentives, regulations. Consequently, the main stakeholder groups differ from the projectís other expert groups. The group will concentrate on the following discussion topics:

  • How could water-borne transport be fully integrated into a sustainable inter-modal freight transport system?

  • What requirements should be satisfied in order to establish inter-modal public transport networks and services across and along the river?

  • What impacts will follow the increase of leisure mobility and tourism in the river basin and how can they be managed sustainably

  • How can the negative impacts of transport on the quality of air, water and soil in the river basin be reduced

Expert groups: