Expert group 2: Human Security and Vulnerability

The focus of this expert group is on enhancing human and environmental security in large river basins. Special emphasis will be placed on reducing vulnerability to floods, forest fires and technological accidents (e.g. within sewage systems and from accidental discharges) and the risk of potential accidents (e.g. at dams and power plants) in the Volga river basin. The expert group will explore major problems in the management of natural and technological disasters and the coordination of policies, tools and activities between diverse groups of stakeholders in prevention, emergency response and rehabilitation of affected populations and livelihoods. Its major foci will be on the following cross-cutting problems:

  • How to improve the coordination of the activities of organisations responsible for management of natural and technological disasters, and what tools can be used for this purpose at each phase of disaster mitigation;

  • How to effectively incorporate disaster mitigation activities into integrated river basin management;

  • Why many of the existing strategies and programmes in disaster mitigation in large river basins are not always effective in practice and disasters result in loss of life, morale and economic welfare, and environment

  • How to build stable and regular partnerships between diverse stakeholders so as to enhance human and environmental security against natural and technological disasters, and how to increase local public participation in this process

Expert groups: